1973-74 Z28 Pkg
Your original gauge faces can now be restored to factory fresh appearance by using this gauge pkg from gauge marks™. The markings for this pkg were created by using orginal Z/28 gauges as a guide. Includes markings for the 130 MPH speedo, 7000 RPM tach (with special 6k red line), FUEL, TEMP, AMPS, and CLOCK. Each line, digit, letter, and color bar is individually inspected under magnification before being added to the pkg. You can restore your working factory gauges at a fraction of the cost of replacing them! Complete instructions included..
1974 Z28 gauges restored by gauge marks™
Item # 2CP-74Z $139.95
The picture above shows an acual restoration using package # 2CP-74Z. The gauge faces were bead blasted and repainted before the gauge marks were applied.
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