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A complete application guide is available in PDF format by clicking the PDF icon. This is a four page guide that covers needle removal, prep, and applying the markings. All the info needed to make your gauge marks™ installation a success!
An extreme amout of R&D has been invested in producing gauge markings that are correct for each gauge face. You can rest assured that when applied properly your gauge marks will be in the correct location and calibrated to factory gauges. With that said, it is important to note that the markings should only be used for exact replacement. It is not possible to, say, convert a 130 MPH speedometer to a 150 MPH speedometer simply by applying the 150 MPH markings to a 130 MPH body. The same rule applies to all gauges. AMPS can't be converted to VOLTS, and 7k tachometers can't be converted to 8k tachometers.
gauge marks™ will give you many years of like-new appearance. Modern technology is far superior to what was used 30-40 years ago.

The application of each gauge face markings is simple, but care and a little patience is required. Location markers are provided on each transfer sheet. Take time to make sure that alignment is correct before applying. Also, prep is the key for proper installation. Gauge faces must be free of dirt, grime, dust, grease, etc before applying the markings. Please read the complete installation manual before attempting to install.
gauge marks™ are made of professional grade exterior vinyl. The thicknesses used are 2mil and 4mil. This keeps the thinkness of the markings about the same as the factory painted markings. By appearance alone it is nearly impossible to tell the difference. There are several distinct advantages to using vinyl. The vinyl markings are UV resistant. No paints are used. The colored markings are cut from colored vinyls. The white markings are cut from white vinyl. Vinyl is smear proof, waterproof and won't crack, peel, or fade.
gauge marks™  offers complete gauge restoration, customization, and calibration services. Contact us today for a quote!
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